Friday, March 24, 2017

Shout out to KXLY news.....Derek Deis

KXLY approached us because they heard about SeaDek.     It's getting real peoples!!     This was fun and will result in even more orders....    We're extremely grateful.    Life is good.

Mention this blog between today and the end of March and I'll give you 10% off of your order.    I want to see how many people we can get to spread the word.

Cheers, and have a Great weekend.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another new size record!!!

Yes, we did it again......

We built an even larger Safe Step Swim Platform....and we built a set of steps to go with it.....and of course, we decked out BOTH with SeaDek!    Kale did a Great job on this magnanimous project.    And the customer was so happy with his SeaDek, that he ordered it for the entire boat!

The platform is roughly 14' x 7' and the stairs are a whopping 53" tall!    It was an interesting project that required some out-of-the-box thinking.    The leading edge of the stairs required a compound was both angled and curved.    So we actually built a "model" of the back of the customer's boat so that we ensure that the stairs would fit properly.    That is why we are the world's largest custom extended swim platform manufacturer.

While I'm here, an update on SeaDek.      We are seeing the results of a lot of work at the Seattle, Spokane and Montana boat shows.     Lots of orders and leads and contacts.    We are going to be busy and that's how we like it.   I'm attaching a few pictures of some of our latest projects....and a review that a recent customer wrote for his local (Tri Cities) marine publication.     We got some Serious love!

So if you are in need of our products or services.....visit our websites- or    And have a Great boating season!!!


Scott, Jeanne and Kale

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hello all!    Happy New Year!

Check out the latest Safe Step custom swim platform from Contemporary Fiberglass!

Kale did almost all of the work on this and did a Fantastic job. Please note the clean lines, the perfect paint, the craftsmanship and the attention to detail! And this does not include the things you can't see but I can attest to.....the excellent fiberglass work, the strength and functionality of this platform. And thanks to Jamie and Jeanne for their part of the SeaDek. I love the layout, the perfect faux teak (that does not happen out of happenstance) and of course....the dungy! One of our best we've ever put out for sure. #contemporaryfiberglass #safestepswimplatforms #kale #SeaDek #seadeked #sickswimplatform

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A bit about our competition.....

Hello fello marine enthusiasts!!!

I’m a HUGE fan of SeaDek so I normally let our product speak for itself and not bash the competition, but since many of you have asked about our competition...….I’ve included some facts about our quality vs theirs.    Also, I’m an engineer by degree, so I’m very proud of the fact that we have a relationship with NASA studying material quality standards.  We have available colors and textures that they have not copied as of yet.   We will always be ahead of them on the curve.  

Please learn more here:

As always.....thanks for your consideration.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Getting ready for upcoming Boat Shows

SeaDek not only has added to our income, but has allowed me to be creative....which is Very important to me. I've been busy making displays that will go into the Boat Shows in order to show off SeaDek potential and hopefully, inspire customers. Enjoy!  #SeaDek #customSeaDek#customSeaDekPNW #SeaDekPNW #sickSeaDek#contemporarymarineflooring #customlogo #compassrose #repost#Seattleboatshow #Spokaneboatshow

Friday, October 28, 2016

Yelp Sucks!!!!

Hi everyone!!

This is my rant blog posting.     I will get back to posting positive great news about custom swim platforms and SeaDek soonly.

Here is some information that you might find interesting.       Basically, Yelp sucks.    I don’t trust any Yelp reviews anymore.    

Essentially, They only post reviews from “Yelpers”…that is a person who has previously written at least 5 Yelp reviews.   Therefore, as you can imagine, these Yelpers are most likely mean, nasty, sad, lonely people who revel in trying to bring others down to their ugly existence by writing viral reviews of every company that they can.   I can just picture in my mind….Karen, my ex neighbor, smiling and laughing to herself (because she was a lonely, nasty, ugly woman) as she posts a 1 star review of a restaurant because the poor waitress that had to serve her was not fast enough….or friendly enough…..or subservient enough; and seriously feeling good about herself because she got even with that stupid restaurant.

The Yelp filter algorithm is complicated and unfair for many small business’.   At a glance, it highlights only those reviews by “Yelpers”.    Others, including the ones that your excellent customers wrote, are hidden, not recommended.    Because they aren’t Yelpers.    And technically, Yelp even prohibits you from requesting your customers write positive comments, even if they are valid positive reviews!   They consider that trying to bias the system and they believe that their system presents an unbiased view of a business.    Turns out this is completely convoluted.    I’m not a Yelper….but I’m guessing that most people who use Yelp, go to the Yelp reviews and use the star system to decide whether they are going to use that business.   So if a small business has one “valid” review, and it happens to be a 1 star negative review, then it could sway people to avoid this business, when in fact the business does a great job.

How do I know this?     I did my research after, in fact, I had several people ask me about a negative review that supposedly was on Yelp.   It turns out it was written by a customer, Gordon H.,  who had been a customer for 8 years!    He had brought his boat to me every year, year after year, for mechanical, detailing, gelcoat work and winter storage.    We must have done something right for him to come back every year.    So after doing my research, I first began asking my customers who made positive comments to me about their experience (essentially all :)), to write reviews thinking that I could just bump down the negative one to the bottom and increasing the star rating by adding many positive ratings.    After noticing that those reviews were being “hidden” or “not recommended”….I contacted Yelp directly and inquired why?   Thus the explanation above.    So I contacted this customer….Gordon H. directly and found out that essentially he had had a nasty personal life problem at the time and basically took it out on me.    Seen it before :(.    I asked him to consider removing the review and he agreed. 

So now I have no active reviews and 5 “hidden”, positive reviews.    What a F*^&^%&%d up system.    And now Yelp is asking me to give them $ to advertise on Yelp.    Yeah, good luck with that.    And Yelp….if you try to contact me to attempt to hide this review?????    I’ve added filters to prevent you from doing that!    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!