Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SeaDek humming along

We are up and running strong.   Each day we learn more about the process.    CAD, templating,'s ALL fun!   Very busy....but I've never loved being this busy so much.    And we are taking our time on each and every job so that it turns out just right.  And it is paying off.....check out the Rinker forum and you will find a posting from Bill Johnson, a customer located in Seattle.    My sister Kathi template the boat and Jeanne and Jamie drew the pads and I cut them and then Kathi installed them.    Really turned out nice!!

We are thinking about having a contest that will reward the winner with free SeaDek up to $5,000.00.    Please if you read this, please write to me and tell me if you think will be a good idea.    The contest will be who can do the sickest mod (retrofit) to their boat which of course must include SeaDek.

In the meantime, back to work.    If you are interested in SeaDek for your boat and you live west of the Mississippi, call or write.    We can assist.

Thanks and cheers all.

Scott and Jeanne

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Friday, July 8, 2016

It's official!!

Hot off the press!!!!!!    This makes me SOOOOO  proud!     I'm loving being a part of the SeaDek family.

SeaDek Marine Products Welcomes Contemporary Marine Flooring to its Network of Certified Fabricators
Rockledge, FL (July 7, 2016) - SeaDek Marine Products is glad to welcome Contemporary Marine Flooring to its expanding network of SeaDek Certified Fabricators.  Located in Spokane, Washington, Contemporary Marine Flooring will be the first fabricator to exclusively service the Pacific Northwest, including parts of Western Canada. 
Contemporary Marine Flooring has a long-standing relationship with SeaDek.  As a fiberglass boat repair business that specializes in custom extended swim platforms, they have been templating boats and installing SeaDek pads for over ten years.  
Principals Scott and Jeanne Kurtz bring a lifetime of business and manufacturing skills to the table.  Scott has an extensive background in quality control, including guiding Kaiser Aluminum to ISO 9001 certification, SPC, Six Sigma quality programs, lean manufacturing, and Maps and Standards programs, while Jeanne contributes in the areas of CAD design, accounting, and logistics.
Contemporary Marine Flooring's dedication to quality control and customer service perfectly compliment SeaDek's commitment to excellence, and they will be a valuable asset to the SeaDek team.
SeaDek Certified Fabricators are factory trained, and specialize in the entire SeaDek process from start to finish. They template boats, create CAD drawings, cut SeaDek EVA material using CNC technology, and install the final products, assuring the perfect fit and finish. All SeaDek pads are installed using 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive which is inspected and applied at the SeaDek manufacturing facility in Rockledge, Florida.
About SeaDek Marine Products
SeaDek Marine Products is the leading manufacturer of a range of EVA non-skid products for marine and sports use. A viable alternative to carpet and molded-in nonskid, SeaDek's line of products are targeted for OEM boat builders, resellers and end-users. The company was originally formed to produce cutting-edge surf products and non-skid traction pads, including X-Trak® surf traction and K-Grip®, a line of pads designed for world champion surfer Kelly Slater. The company later expanded its product offerings to the boating industry thanks to its innovation with marine-grade EVA materials. SeaDek can be tailored to fit a wide variety of applications on most boats. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Dogs DO love SeaDek

And so do I!      How much fun is this?     I put a pad on my SUP so that Eddie can go with me paddling.......he loves it!!     And, I built him a ramp which he also loves.....      You could use this for getting into / out of a truck / car; getting out of a pool or lake and back onto a boat; onto a couch; onto a get it?     Very useful and we can customize it for the size of your pet and the design of the SeaDek!!!


Have a Great Fourth of July holiday weekend!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Perfect example of the synergy between Contemporary Fiberglass and Contemporary Marine Flooring!!


See photo below to see exactly why I'm so excited to be producing SeaDek now.     It will pare perfectly with my existing business-   Contemporary Fiberglass and Marine.     We completed this Safe Step Swim Platform for Dave's 2008 Crownline.    It looks like it was made exactly for this boat......because it was!!!   And then he chose perfect colors in Mica over black and a very simple, clean SeaDek design.     A combination that no other swim platform manufacturer can duplicate!!

Very proud of my entire team right now, including Kale who built the platform, Jeanne (my wife and co-owner of Contemporary Marine Flooring) who assisted me in the SeaDek, Jaime, who continues to rock the website and the rest of our friends and family who support us.     2016 is going to be a Great one peoples!!!  

If you are looking for either a Safe Step Swim Platform or custom SeaDek, please visit the websites: and    #customseadekpacificnorthwest   #seadekpacificnorthwest  #safestepswimplatform

See you on the water!


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Good morning.

I have a customer, Ken, who stored his boat in a barn last year and when it came out this spring, it appears that some creature (a racoon??) may have severely damaged his swim platform.    He brought it to me for repairs.     I quoted him just under $2,000.00 to repair, OR, I gave him the option of covering it with SeaDek…for about $600.00.

As you can see, not only did it cover the ugly, but it added a nice look to the platform, functional non-skid and Value to the boat.    He is pleased and I’ve got another reason to be a fan of SeaDek!!

WE have been selling SeaDek.  It's amazing how fast the word is getting out that it is now available in the Pacific Northwest.   I am slowly learning my CNC machine.    My daughter, Alee Jo, told me about a client of hers and her husband, who by the way is a professor at the local community college.    He teaches CNC!   Hello!!   So I have talked to him and he is going to give me instruction.    I feel great about this development.

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday and look forward to the holiday weekend.

Have a Great day yourself!


Friday, May 6, 2016

Good morning. I had to take a few minutes to blog, because I had SUCH A GREAT DAY YESTERDAY!!

I learned a lot from Jason, who--along with his wife, Melissa--owns Hytek Tooling. Jason sold me my new toy.... a CNC table so that I can fabricate SeaDek. AND, we actually cut my first pad. I felt like it was a great start. I have a lot to learn, but once I learn, it's going to be as routine as making a swim platform... :)

Also, we finally seeded the golf course! Chad, from Spokane Boys, came and hydro seeded the fairways. We have a Green golf course! Whoot squared!! I will continue to work on the greens and get them seeded in the next couple of weeks, hopefully.

Yesterday, Kale and I decided that it is time to raise our pricing on our swim platforms. Materials costs have gone up significantly, and we have not raised our prices for several years. So, I'm announcing now that our prices are going to $75 per square foot if you install, and $95 per square foot if we install. This will be effective at the end of June 2016. So, if you are thinking about ordering a Safe-Step Swim Platform, order it NOW and SAVE!!

So, now I'm off for my last day of training on the CNC table, and then I think I will sleep all weekend....

Cheers, all.

Thanks for your continued support!

Scott and Jeanne

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jeanne and I returned from Kissimmee FL last night.   There, we attended training in order to become certified SeaDek fabricators.     The experience was remarkable.    Better than either of us could have imagined.

SeaDek is a very professional innovative and savvy company, with down to earth management and staff.  Jeanne and I are Very grateful to them for their hospitality and generosity.

We are also so excited as the more we learn, the more we believe that this will be very big in the Pacific Northwest.   SeaDek is wildly popular in and around Florida because of SeaDek's brilliant social media marketing and plain word of mouth advertising.     They have not even advertised yet in the Pacific Northwest, and I've been installing SeaDek for 9 years because of the word of mouth interest!

So our next step is to finalize financing and then purchase the necessary equipment.   Then we must buy some special software, tooling and raw materials and we will be cutting.   Our website is in the process of being designed.    In the meantime, please visit to see all of their capabilities and products.

If you have any questions, please call me at 509-995-6239.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Cheers, Scott